Partner Spotlight – Championing Domestic Care Workers’ Rights

Discover the impactful journey of the Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers Rights (CDWCR) in our latest blog post. Founded in 1979 by Filipino community activists, CDWCR has been a steadfast advocate for the rights of domestic workers, many of whom face precarious working conditions and isolation. Learn how the organization emerged from grassroots activism against repressive regimes and evolved into a crucial support system for domestic workers from various countries. Explore their relentless fight for permanent residency for care workers, their success in including domestic work under the Employment Standards Act, and their ongoing efforts to introduce sectoral bargaining to protect isolated workers.

Partner Spotlight – Innovating Solutions: CPAH’s Efforts in Addressing Homelessness

Prince George Community Partners Addressing Homelessness (CPAH) is a partnership consisting of community social service agencies and government representatives, including UNBC. Explore CPAH’s ongoing efforts in empowering change and innovating solutions to address homelessness. Discover their impactful projects and insights gained from working at the forefront of homelessness advocacy.

Partner Spotlight – Empowering Workers: A Journey with the Worker Solidarity Network

Learn about Pamela Charron’s journey with the Worker Solidarity Network. Discover how their legal advocacy program supports non-unionized workers facing challenges in British Columbia. Dive into their exciting project examining the intersection of precarious employment and climate change. Join us in celebrating our partner’s commitment to empowerment and collective action for a more just future.

Partner Spotlight – Aboriginal Business and Community Development Centre: 26 Years Empowering Indigenous Communities

Explore Indigenous Economic Empowerment with Vincent Prince, Executive Director of ABCDC. Learn about the organization’s history, its role in Indigenous community economic development, and the impact of cultural resilience. Delve into the challenges of precarity faced by Indigenous peoples, historically and today. Gain insights into Vincent Prince’s vision for long-term solutions and the connection between cultural heritage and breaking free from precarious work.