Other Resources

VIDEO: “Making the News: UP-BC media training” with Jean Kavanagh, CCPA-BC

Jean Kavanagh, the CCPA-BC’s Senior Media Specialist shares what you need to do to make the news with your research — from writing news releases and advisories to pitching reporters and producers, writing and placing op-eds to building media lists.

VIDEO: “Celebrating and Learning from the Creative Process of Arts-Based Research” workshop

Dr. Indrani Margolin provided participants with an overview of the history, paradigm and processes involved in inviting arts practices into research, shared examples from her arts-based work, and highlighted the purposes and benefits of including Arts-based methodology and practices into a research design. Dr. Margolin is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Northern British Columbia. Her research and teaching interests include spirituality; ancient meditations and visualizations; posttraumatic growth, girls’ and women’s bodyself wellness, individual counselling and groupwork, mentorship, and arts-based research & practice methods. She serves on the Northern FIRE (Feminist Institute for Research & Evaluation) Leadership Team at UNBC and the Canadian Society for Spirituality & Social Work.

VIDEO: Using FOI requests for research, advocacy and organizing

Alicia Massie, lead researcher at SEIU Local 2 and a Joseph Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholar, Ben Parfitt, investigative journalist and CCPA-BC’s resource policy analyst, and Bill Kilgannon, CCPA-BC’s Interim Director, former executive director of Parkland Institute and Public Interest Alberta, and former chief of staff to three Ministers in the Alberta NDP government, share their experience and tips for submitting FOI requests and using them in research, advocacy and organizing activities.

VIDEO: Finding and using Statistics Canada data on labour issues: jobs, workers and wages

In this workshop, Iglika Ivanova, Senior Economist and the Public Interest Researcher at the CCPA–BC and a co-Director of UP-BC, and Alicia Massie, lead researcher at SEIU Local 2 and a Joseph Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholar and PhD Candidate at SFU, show you how to navigate Statistics Canada’s website, find and manipulate data tables and publicly available microdata files (PUMFs), and share tips on making custom data requests.


VIDEO: Webinar “Working Precariously: The New Normal?”

In this webinar, Iglika Ivanova and Dr. Kendra Strauss, the authors of the recent study But is it a Good Job? Understanding Employment Precarity in BC, alongside Pamela Charron (Worker Solidarity Network), Cenen Bagon (Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers Rights), and Dr. Maureen Kihika (Sociology and Anthropology and the Labour Studies, SFU), discuss precarious employment and its unequal impacts on workers, families and communities in our province. Moderated by Shannon Daub (CCPA-BC).

Find more information on speakers and the event here.