Online Event: Moving Forward: Beyond the Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker IRCC Pilot Programs

Join the Migrant Care Workers Project researchers who will share findings from interviews with migrant care workers and FOIPPA requests on IRCC’s Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker 5-year pilot programs ending in June 2024. Learn from community members’ knowledge, experience, and questions related to changes that may occur as the current care worker pilots come to an end. Help shape recommendations to improve the working conditions and lives of current and future migrant care workers.

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Two workers, suspended in harnesses, paint an exterior wall of a building.

But is it a good job? Understanding precarity in BC

The pilot BC Precarity Survey aimed to address the lack of data on precarious work in British Columbia. The survey, completed by over 3,000 workers aged 25 to 65 in late 2019, provided a snapshot of the provincial labour market just before the COVID-19 pandemic. The study measured precarious employment in two different ways: standard versus non-standard employment and the Employment Precarity Index.
The results showed that 37% of the survey respondents had Precarious jobs, and the burden of precarity fell more heavily on racialized and immigrant communities, Indigenous peoples, women, and lower-income groups.

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